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Raffetouille, aka Raffey, is a 13 year old Tb/Percheron/Paint mare. She and I have worked our way up to preliminary during our six years together and plan to compete at the FEI 2* level this season. Raffey and I placed 3rd at our first preliminary event at Aspen Farms Horse Trials in 2017. In 2018 we placed 2nd at Whidbey Island Horse Trials, Campbell Valley Horse Trials this year, and Spokane Sporthorse Farm Horse Trials, 4th at Mustang Powder Horse Trials, as well as winning our preliminary division at Rebecca Farms International Event. We also placed 6th in the BC Championships at the prelim level. Raffey and I also finished our first event of the year of 2019 in 1st place at Mustang Powder Horse Trials. Our goal for 2020 is to start the season at prelim/2* and finish on at intermediate. 


Nimbus 2000

Findley is a 4 year old OTTB who has just joined my little eventing team as a potential upper level horse or a resale project. Finn came to me as a green track broke Thoroughbred just under a year ago, and placed 2nd in his BN division at his first US event this past season! He has finished the year off competing at the novice level and placing 8th at his first novice. The goal for him next year will be the end the year at training.


Anfield Magic

Arrow is my dad’s horse. She’s an 8 year old Appendix/Saddlebred who is slowly making her way up the levels of eventing. I started her training just about 2 years ago and am currently eventing her at the Entry/Novice level. She loves her job and has never been anything less than willing. Arrow has placed 1st and 3rd in her first two events, and 5th and 10th in her two US events. Arrow has won her first novice division in the states this year and placed 6th in her first Canadian pre-training.


About Us

My horses and I are 3-day eventers. We are located in South Langley, and train under Chelan Kozak of 3-Daze. 

Our Story- Raffey and I


Before Raffey, I had another horse named Ziggy (the devil horse) as my first horse. I was very much in love with her but the feeling wasn’t mutual! (Zig hated the world, anyone who met her can attest to that) Unfortunately she was just too much horse for me at the age/level of riding I was at. So we struggled for four years getting eliminated in every event/competition we entered and having disastrous practices at home. Eventually my coach and parents convinced me to give up on eventing her indefinitely and to find a new partner. Raffey entered our lives as an unfit, chubby, sassy but very enthusiastic oversized pony. The first couple of weeks with her I found myself in the dirt A LOT more times than I could ever have expected. She was sensitive and opinionated and I had no idea how to deal with that (honestly didn’t want to because I was upset about having to give up on Zig), so it took us a LONG time to connect. Once we’d sorta gotten it together, we finished a handful of successful events together before she sustained a diagonal suspensory ligament injury in her left front and right hind and required surgery. Her entire rehab took 1.5 yrs and was extremely frustrating because she was extremely frustrating to deal with in that situation. I eventually got frustrated and discouraged and gave up on the idea of going back to eventing and even was considering selling both the girls and leaving the equestrian world behind . At some point Raff decided she was done doing “plod-along-rides” with my dad and started showing attitude with him, so I got on her to get some of her spunk out for him. Which led to more training rides and more fun exercises. Finally my mom decided we needed lessons again and from there we began to ease back into the eventing world. It was a slow and confusing process. But Raffey showed incredible enthusiasm, which motivated me to go forward and chase my dreams once again. I could never thank this inspiring little horse enough, without her I’d never have gotten to where or who I am today. It is for this reason that Raffey is my heart horse. 


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